amk AMK-advisering


What we do

Consultancy and support, on Environment, Health, Safety and Quality

Where most of the consultant agencies stop their activities, we continue.

The problem

It is happening more and more that companies get advise from external consultants about EHQS. Implementation needs to be done by the company itself. A lot of companies do not have the resources and knowledge within the company for the complete implementation phase.

The solution

This is the area were AMK-Consultancy makes the difference. The main goal is to bring practical solutions and if necessary helping with the implementation against reasonable costs. Because of contact with the customer and involved employees, advises can be customized for your needs.


AMK-Consultancy has experience with the implementation of Environment, Health, Safety and Quality systems, and has also a network of specialized consultants on several areas of EHSQ.

What can we offer

For more information, look at our contact page contact information.